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  • Google Adwords

  • Google's AdWords has a 60% share of the market when considering paid online advertising.

    Our Google AdWords program for local business owners assists secure sponsored ad space in Google search results. Our Google AdWords Certified Experts create ads for your business that enable you to have highly targetted traffic and you also manage the amount you spend. These ads run when you wish – throughout business hours or 24/7, include your contact number, and are aiimed at whatever geographic area you want. You'll get the business you want, to provide the best ROI.

    SEO WebMedia has successfully managed thousands of Pay Per Click accounts for local businesses. Consider this opportunity to put your company in front of a very specific audience that is in a position to buy!

    Faster than SEO :-
    Defeating your competition to the top level of search engine results is the main purpose of an effective online marketing campaign. Equally your SEO efforts work to boost your organic results, an effective AdWords campaign will take you there in just a week or two.

    Concentrate on truly interested buyers :-
    According to your input, we analysis to find the best keywords and phrases to trigger your ads. Our AdWords Certified Experts also think about these factors when placing your ads:

    Complement your SEO efforts :-
    If a potential buyer views your business in 2 or even more spots on a search result page then they believe your business is more highly relevant to their search.The greater a potential buyer trusts your ad, a lot more likely they will click it.

    Your competitors using AdWords :-
    Want us to prove it? Perform a few Google searches for your primary keywords and phrases right now. If you are a Chiropractor, then type in “Chiropractor + cityname” into Google. Count the number of local rivals you see in the Ads results sections.

    Only pay whenever your ad is clicked :-
    If a person only views your advertisement, you don’t pay anything at all. If someone clicks on your ad, then you pay. We know what you’re thinking. Google’s system defends you against multiple fraud clicks from the same computer. We can also set a maximum budget for any given day.

    Edit your ads whenever you want (provided that we’re available) :-
    We can modify your advertising campaign anytime. Want to add a new product or service, remove or add any keyword, increase your budget, pause your campaign, change where an advertisement directs your potential customers/clients? All can be done with an email to our support Team.

    Good Return on Investment (ROI) :-
    According to a study, businesses generate an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on AdWords. This number is dependant on the return on investment of the AdWords ad alone. Whenever you combine an AdWords advertising campaign with organic and local results, Google states that businesses generate on average $11 in revenue for every $1 spent on Adwords. Thus, optimal ROI is generated when incorporating Google adwords with a SEO effort.