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  • Bing & Yahoo Ads

  • Bing Ads offers paid ads though Bing and Yahoo’s search results to those people who're thinking about diversifying their traffic.The Yahoo Bing Network holds for one third of searches which make it important for local businesses to execute advertising on these search engines too. Though Google still rules the industry, but the significance of Bing and Yahoo PPC Advertising couldn't be overlooked for higher ROI. Bing Yahoo Network represents extremely engaged and valuable audience that assist you grow your business. It's must-buy for search marketers looking for new customers.

    As an agency, we use both Google AdWords and Bing Ads for our clients as standard practice. Though it's correct that businesses get more traffic from Google PPC advertising, but Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising has higher rate of conversion and low cost per conversion which makes it better and more affordable to make your ad perform outstandingly. Thus, Bing PPC advertising enhances ROI and is considered to be lot helpful in various ways.

    Under this service, we will :-

    • Set-up of your Bing/Yahoo campaign
    • Regular monitoring of budget and click-throughs.
    • Alterations to bids and keyword phrases by monitoring results.
    • Once a month reports and analysis of results.