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  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • Pay Per Click or PPC : Get Instant results even with a small initial investment. PPC gives you the freedom to set your own advertising budget with real-time traceability. Brings national exposure but lasts only as long as you are willing to invest.

    Some Interesting Facts:-

    • Pay as you go
    • Effects last only as long you continue to pay for keywords.
    • About 20% of traffic to websites comes from paid search clicks.
    • Only the top paid PPC ads manage to grab the attention of people 50% of the time, which further goes down to 10% for the PPC ad placed fifth.
    • The companies spend about 85% of their online marketing budget on PPC.
    • Short-Term ROI
    • High Time Efficiency.
    • Ranking remains unaffected even with algorithm changes.
    • Maximum Click through rate :  upto 15%
    • Traffic Low, Conversion rate High
    • Cost depends on Clicks
    • PPC received less than 25% of the total search traffic, yet earns 80% of the total SEM spending.

    We Offers following PPC Services :-


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